Thursday, 12 September 2019

Bangkok: Craftfeteria

During my recent trip to Bangkok, I've stumbled across this gem in Central World. It was an idea I had brewing in my mind but it has materialised here! Unbelievable! What they offered were more for adults and what I had in mind are more for the young adults. It truly was captivating for me and enlightening for sure!

Since I had time to spare so I've tried the DIY lipstick one and it was a breeze even though a little language barrier as the girl can't speak English that fluently. Overall, it was a nice experience and exposure for sure.

So I guess I have to work harder to save more in order for this dream to materialise! Definitely not an easy feat as lots of planning and money involved but fingers crossed! Lets hope for the best!
Look at the crowd after I was done! Time to get the idea brewing more!!!

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