Wednesday, 16 May 2018

MPOV: Like Mee Cafe

My rating: 3/5
Location: Shoplot B-09-GF, Ground Floor, Block B, Garden Shoppe, One City
Type: Non-halal

As we do frequent One City a lot, we decided to try this new shop which has recently opened. The facade looks like a typical Chinese kopitiam with air-con style, minimal and simple decoration for a quick bite kinda place.
Mineral water RM2; Ribena longan RM6.90
Minced pork with noodle dry RM9.90
All In Meal with noodle soup RM14.90
Overall, for a total of RM33.70, it's kinda expensive but then it's with air-con and in a shop lot so once a while ok lor. It's a simple pork noodle, nothing out of the ordinary with the usual ingredients. Thankfully marinated properly so no fridge nor raw pork smell. They've also used quite a lot of lard hence the tastiness of the meal. Also, using fresh lettuce is a plus for me as it's definitely a much better accompaniment compared to the usual mustard vegetable (sayur sawi) which at times can be bitter. I'm a happy camper with a filled tummy in the end especially since I had my favourite Ribena longan!

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