Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Post-mortem: my first crochet workshop

I definitely have a long way to go... to learn... to practice... to preach...

As some of you were aware, I just had my first crochet workshop last Saturday. As it turned out, I was a little too ambitious having the feather bookmark as the subject matter, thinking that even beginners are able to grasp it soonest. Sooo... I was very wrong. I assumed that everyone would be able to learn crochet easily and able to finish at least half but in reality it was the opposite. Sigh!

After receiving and dissecting all the feedback, here's a summary of my learning curve:
1. I should have concentrated more and reiterated on the hook and stitches. As highlighted by Ai Jou, muscle memory is important for crochet. Hubs also shared the same concern where more practice is required for the basic stitches before perusing the pattern
2. The need to categorise the workshop i.e. basic, intermediate and advance. Not everyone is born the same so different level should have different expectation
3. A proper step by step plus a simpler pattern would have helped instead of this, now I felt, complicated one.
4. A much longer time required especially to have better practice of the basic stitches before perusing the pattern
5. A smaller group instead of a big one, max 6 pax would have sufficed.
6. Should have a proper YouTube video made for the students too

As a first timer, it sure hits hard but I gotta learn from it and not cry wolf. Sad that it did not panned out like how I would have liked but I am so glad that these 9 wonderful ladies were so supportive! So much encouragement and kind words truly made my day! I definitely looked forward to many more workshops with a much better curricular! So I've lots of homework to do, more Googling and hopefully, the next one is a success!

After much rant, here are some of the fabulous photos taken during the workshop! Thanks hubs!!!
A panorama of the cool Lit Books!
All in full concentration!

Enthusiastic ladies!
At the end of the day, I'm so glad I do have a student who finished her bookmark! Tung, thank you so much for your due diligence and tenacity to finish it! Congratulations!

A much heartfelt gratitude and thanks to Lit Books for the wonderful tea set and comfortable ambience.

Last but not least, thank you so much to the 9 ladies for having faith in me and joining my first workshop. It will not be my last but rest assured, I have taken all your feedback into consideration for future workshops ya!

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