Tuesday, 20 March 2018

A Saturday afternoon with book buddies and book nooks.

Last Saturday was a lot of fun for me but not for Princess, especially since I had the chance to catch up with some book buddies and also immersed with so many book nooks! Princess was definitely bored to death LOL!

We've attended KLBAC Book Meet at 16 Tea House, Damansara Community Library and it was such an awesome event! From book sales to book readings to book donation, the many activities did liven up the small space! They've even included a surprised baby shower for Vivian! Though I didn't joined in the quiz trivia and lucky draw, it was a lot of fun watching them in action! The admins definitely lived up to our expectation and did their level best! It was a successful event indeed!
During the trivia - Princess took the only photo of me - from the back
It's sad though as I was busy catching up with everyone, in the end I didn't take many photos! So I've only had a few to share...
Mommy to be, Vivian, with the baby booties I've made and gifted her!
I would like to applaud 16 Tea House for their hospitality and great service! Well, I had the unfortunate incident where my drink went missing when it was still half full. Thinking that one of the waiters could have cleared it, I asked them hoping to recover it soon before it has been washed but it was not in sight. I was having some cakes but without my drink to wash it down so of course I was a little annoyed. However, one of the staff was kind enough to offer me another glass to replace my missing drink! I was truly surprised and asked for H20 only as I just wanted to wet my dry + cake filled mouth. Instead, he has served me another glass of their delicious fruit tea!!! I was truly grateful and thankful for his nice gesture and thoughtfulness! Unfortunately I was too surprised that I forgot to get his name LOL! Thank you 16 Tea House!!!
Yummy nasi lemak and delicious fruit tea!
After the book meet, Ai Jou and Jessica wanted to drop by Lit Books, Tropicana Avenue so I tagged along as Ai Jou was to drop me off later to meet hubby. I was excited as:

  1. I'll be conducting my first crochet workshop here next month! Oh yes, finally! I'll be teaching how to crochet a basic feather bookmark :-)
  2. I've never been here so I do have to check this awesome place out before the workshop! Also checking out their unique and one of it's kind merchandise!
  3. Not forgetting, meeting the kind bosses who have allowed me to conduct my first workshop at their premise!

Moi, Ai Jou and Jessica
I've just realised I had not taken any photos with the kind bosses... perhaps next round!

Yummy hot cocoa!
I like this quaint bookshop as they have a small cafe serving good coffee and dessert! Definitely a book haven!
A memorable quote before walking into Lit Books, penned by the boss!!!
I just loved this simple yet catchy light box of their logo!
All in all, I did have a lovely afternoon with great company of buddies and books! Now I'm looking forward to my first workshop next month, getting ready all the starter kits and patterns, gearing up for the day! Wish me luck!

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