Thursday, 10 August 2017

MPOV: Spark Joy (Magic cleaning #2)

My rating: 5/5
Goodreads rating: 3.8/5
Originally published: January 4, 2016
Author: Marie Kondo
Translator: Cathy Hirano
Genre: self-help, non-fiction

Marie Kondo’s unique KonMari Method of tidying up is nothing short of life-changing—and her first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, has become a worldwide sensation. In Spark Joy, Kondo presents an in-depth, illustrated manual on how to declutter and organize specific items throughout the house, from kitchen and bathroom items to work-related papers and hobby collections. User-friendly line drawings illustrate Kondo’s patented folding method as it applies to shirts, pants, socks, and jackets, as well as images of properly organized drawers, closets, and cabinets. This book is perfect for anyone who wants a home—and life—that sparks joy.

The above taken from Goodreads.

I sure like this second book as opposed to the first one as it's more detailed with illustrations to further educate us better. It made KonMari easily understandable and less tedious. As the full title suggests, An Illustrated Master Class on the Art of Organizing and Tidying Up, it further digressed in detail of it's original book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. So for people like me who had difficulty grasping it initially, this is a life saving book! Understanding the KonMari process better now and with my recent relapse, I hope it will be a successful festival this time around and I'll never rebound again! If not, there's still a third book in Manga version which is definitely easier to picture and understand LOL!

Summary of what I've understood is that we follow the main 3 rules - keep spark joy, discard with thanks and donate wholeheartedly. I've misunderstood it initially and thought that I have to declutter like a minimalist. No wonder I have rebounded! I couldn't keep or discard or donate accordingly hence I've lost the intention. By right, I am supposed to go through each item to feel it's purpose, if it's still required and let it go if it has served me well. I shouldn't abandoned it or set it aside like rubbish and then expect it to spark joy. Nor should I just discard everything even though it sparks joy but doesn't serves me anymore.

Rule of thumb, generally, if each items still spark joy with the heart still tugs upon seeing it, just keep it. This is not a minimalist challenge hence we do not have to throw away 100 items and keep only 5. This is wrong. The same goes with books where a lot of book lovers misunderstood. Even though I don't reread but whenever a book tugs at my heart, I'll keep it. I still have a cupboard full of a few hundred books as these are the ones that spark joy. Unfortunately, I have donated some which I would have wanted to keep when I did the first round of KonMari with the wrong set of mind. Nevertheless, no regrets, just hoped that it will spark joy to those who have gotten them.

Also to keep each items by category, to it's designated location diligently with much appreciation. The intention to keep all by category accordingly is so that it's not cluttered everywhere and our space would be clean, clutter free. We won't be keeping expired stuff too in hidden spaces or duplicates of it everywhere! Definitely easy to find and won't waste our time looking for it when we want it. When our space is clean, our mind will too and we will have more inspiration coming our way... it happens, not a laughing matter. Sorry to preach about this book but I can't help it LOL!

Anyway, we discard with thanks as whatever we had has already served it's purpose and reached it's end of life with us. Hence it will start a new life with someone new after we have donated it. Even when we have discarded it as it has spoilt, it's a life cycle so it could have been recycled into something else. We should be thankful of it's existence in our life. To spend wisely and not waste unnecessarily, to be grateful with what we have. It's really hard to pinpoint Marie Kondo's teaching and intention but the bottom line is we appreciate our life more, be humble and all good things will follow. Similarly to the law of attraction, like attracts like... clear mind attracts good thoughts.

Thank you, Ai Jou, for this meaningful gift which I will treasure wholeheartedly. I so love the illustrated diagrams especially on how to fold clothes, how to arrange the space, etc... definitely a good reference whenever I'm stuck... unlike my first book experience.

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