Monday, 7 August 2017

MPOV: Five Days in Paris

My rating: 2/5
Goodreads rating: 3.6/5
First published: 1995
Author: Danielle Steel
Genre: Romance fiction

As president of a major pharmaceutical empire, Peter Haskell has everything. Power, position, a career and a family, which mean everything to him, and for which he has sacrificed a great deal. Compromise has been key in Peter Haskell's life, and integrity is the base on which he lives.

Olivia Thatcher is the wife of a famous senator. She has given to her husband's ambitions and career until her soul is bone dry. She is trapped in a web of duty and obligation, married to a man she once loved and no longer even knows. When her son died, a piece of Olivia died too.

Accidentally, on the night of a bomb threat, they meet in Paris, at the Ritz. Their totally different lives converge for one magical moment in the Place Vendôme, as Olivia carefully, silently, steps out of her life and walks away. As the two strangers meet, their lives become briefly enmeshed. In a café in Montmartre, their hearts are laid bare. Peter, once so sure of his path, so certain of his marriage and success, but suddenly faced with his professional future in jeopardy. Olivia, no longer sure of anything except that she can't go on anymore.

When Olivia disappears, only Peter suspects that it may not be foul play. And if he finds her again, where will they go from there? Five days in Paris is all they have. They go back to their separate lives, but nothing is the same. At home again, they both must pursue their lives, despite challenges, compromise, and betrayal. Everything they believe is put on the line, until they each realize they must stand fast against compromise and face life's challenges head-on.

The above taken from Goodreads.

As usual, the intro was unnecessary lengthy. I can't relate to it much but I can imagined it like another Diva channel movie. It definitely felt like an effort to finish reading this book especially since the ending is predictable, in fact the plots were predictable once I was halfway through. As much as I liked her clean prose, I did not enjoy the story as much. All the supposedly dramas that maketh the story was not as dramatic, the effect was played down much making it a 'safe' book.

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