Monday, 18 July 2016

My birthday recap!

I am truly a happy camper! At 44 years old, I am still a child inside! Though no frivolous celebration, receiving all these wonderful birthday gifts was a blessing especially since it was mostly unexpected! So this is a recap for my older self to view by in the future :-)

Firstly, I wanna say thank you to Line Fun for gifting me this cute Cony doll! I've tried winning a prize for ages and finally this happened... it was unbelievable as it happened just a few days before my birthday!

It's so adorable!!!
Hub's actually gave me my gifts way earlier... the first lah... a couple of Starbucks tumblers from overseas and then he did this... *drooling*
Hubby cooked sambal prawns for me! Yummy max!!!
Bro Ryan and wife unexpectedly dropped by and gifted me with this!
Both fitted just right and I'm loving it!
My colleague, Patrick, unexpectedly treated me with these sinful yummies!
This is to die for... my favourite!
Last but not least, another unexpected gift as I didn't like announced to the world my birthday but Ai Jou suddenly gave me one a week prior when we met up! I was truly surprised! And I was even more surprised after opening it on my birthday!
A book gift!!! What more can I say??? Instant joy in my books!!!
Also, thank you to all the well wishes I had received via Skype, Whatsapp, Line Chat, Wechat and Facebook. I am forever grateful to all who remembered my birthday. I felt truly blessed and thankful to have so many real friends. You know what I mean...

#sparksjoy #thankful #grateful #blessed

Adding more gifts received:
Yummy home baked macarons from Ann!
From sis Alvina with love!
A lovely box for my accessories from Joyce!

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