Tuesday, 24 May 2016

MPOV: New York Steak Shack Restaurant

Hubby was attracted to the mixed grill on the menu so we thought of giving this place a try. Unfortunately, our biggest mistake was not asking them first before sitting down - if one of the meat can be changed, since we do not take beef, we were hoping we could change it to lamb. I felt it was kinda rigid since the answer was NO. We have been to other restaurants which were more accommodating hence we assumed this one would be flexible too. Well, we were wrong so never assumed ya...

In the end, there wasn't much choice for us as it's more for beef-eaters. Yes, there's fish on the menu but we could have had Manhattan Fish next door. I know I'm being harsh here but this is how I felt. Also, looking at the restaurant's name, the ideal menu would have been either beef or lamb.

In the end, hubs ordered Fish & Chips RM17.90
My meatless pasta RM12.90
My pasta was bland, with mushrooms only, without the beef meatballs. I didn't expected it to be literally just plain Jane, without even a single vegetable. Oh wait... there were onions. I also did not asked hubs of his fish & chips as he was kinda sad having it here instead of at Manhattan Fish next door. So I will not comment further since we are not beef-eaters and it could be a little unfair to them.

Btw, our total bill was RM37.10 with 2 glasses of skyjuice (RM0.50 each) inclusive of 10% service charge and 6% GST.

Will I go again? I'll definitely have to think twice since I'm not a beef-eater.

My rating: 2.5/5

Location: LG-045, Lower Ground Floor, IOI City Mall
Website: www.nysteakshack.com
Instagram: @nysteakshack
Twitter: nysteakshack

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