Thursday, 30 July 2015

Of Passport and Scaling

Renewing passport previously was hassle-free, with the convenience of the kiosks and efficient staffs, which I've blogged about here.

Unfortunately, 4 years down the road, it has changed tremendously. There was a change in process recently where all photographs were to be taken on the spot at the Immigration office. So you need not bring your photos over, similar to the NRID process. Just bring your old passport and IC / birth certificate... not forgetting RM200 for a 5 years passport (RM100 for students and senior citizens). Due to this additional process, it has caused a hassle and the time spent here has tripled compared to previous process.

We arrived at Kelana Jaya branch at 7.30am and the queue has spiralled so damn long! Apparently, some kiasu's started queueing since 6am! Totally speechless! Anyway, thankfully due to the festive season and staffs on long leave, there was no special queue for senior citizens / handicapped or else we would have to wait extra longer. Sorry, didn't mean to discriminate but limited numbers were given out that week ya i.e. 500 only due to many staffs still on leave.
We were no. 106 and 107
After getting the number, we waited and waited and waited... finally our numbers were called at 10.45am! This is part 1 - submit documents and take photograph.

After that, wait again for part 2 - to make payment. Finally, our numbers were called at 11.10am. The staff told us to come back 1 hour later to collect our passports at counter 1 and there was a batch number given.

Thankfully, we were able to collect our passports by 11.40am! What a relief! Wasted the whole morning just for passport renewal! Honestly wished they would shorten the process especially at the first part, which was time-consuming.

Next, dentist appointment with a government clinic in KL. Not sure if it was due to my rushing or the dentist was unhappy having to work so soon (Raya mood still not over yet) but my experience here was horrific.

In summary, the difference between a RM 2 and RM 150 scaling = brute force and equipment. FYI, you can read my previous experience here.

Why? Well, I was in agony and pain throughout the scaling process. It felt like 15 hours for a 15 mins job. My gum and mouth felt sore and pain, bleeding a lot and no toothpaste at the end. My teeth felt sharp too. The cost was RM 2 but it was an experience I totally hated. The equipment was old too and they seemed to be having issues technically. Overall, it's a nightmare which I never want to revisit. So I guess I will never go for scaling in another year or 2. Maybe stopped forever. TBH, the RM 150 scaling experience was way better, more gentle and less pain.

It took a week or so for my gum and teeth to recuperate. Couldn't take hard stuff for a while. Even cold drinks as it made my teeth and gum sore and numb again. Jeez... lesson learnt here. However I cannot understand why the standard at the clinic differed so much from the hospital. Is it the pay? The skill set? The expertise? The maturity? I guess I'll never know. So for now, no more dentists for the time being. Case closed.

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