Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Tyger's quiet 13th birthday

As my FIL passed away recently, we are not able to celebrate any occasions within the 100 days mourning period. As such, we could not celebrate Tyger's birthday either... he's formally in his teens now! A teenager *chuckle*! So instead, we have a special pre-dinner aka appetiser treat for him. 

We went to IOI City Mall Putrajaya for his favourite Magnum Cafe. Yes... the yummylicious, picturesque desserts... and we totally had a blast!

Birthday boy devouring his favourite!
It may not be much but it was a memorable one as we got to spend quality time together. It's a coincidence that his birthday was during the first school holiday break and they were here in KL. I totally felt so blessed that my angels were here, so thankful that we got to have fun together and so grateful that they were not in hometown loafing away.

So so so missed them now since school has reopened. Can't wait for their next school holiday for our delayed vacay! Another 2 months + to go, yay!

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