Friday, 15 March 2013

Bangkok: Day 1

Finally, a well-deserved holiday after so long! And it's Bangkok again, thanks to Air Asia's free/ cheap fares! This time though, the timings were off i.e. wee morning departure to Bangkok and after midnight arrival from Bangkok. Well, as long as it's cheap and worthy! Even timely too! Able to load the posts by day this time even though I had many photos, all thanks to Photoscape! So it can be a long yet summarized photo-blog ^.^
LCCT Airport
Found this in 1 of the catalogs... so cute!
After checking into Palazzo Hotel, we immediately went to Huay Kwang for breakfast to look for our favourite non-halal dish 'Khao Kha Moo' i.e. stewed pork!
Huay Kwang area
Khao Kha Moo
After breakfast, we headed for the MRT to go to MBK. TBH, traveling via MRT in Bangkok is damn easy and convenient. Everywhere is linked to every place and every station, no need to walk a distance to the next station! From Huay Kwang to MBK: take MRT from Huay Kwang station to Sukhumvit (BHT22) and switch train to BTS from Asok station to National Stadium (BHT16).
After sending my watches for repair and a walk around MBK, we were famished and headed to McDonald's for lunch. We opt for the obvious choice i.e. pork burger! Yummy!
After settling our stomach, we headed for Platinum Mall to check out the wholesale there for our business ^.^ We took tuk tuk which costs us BHT200!!! We forgot to find out the price first before boarding it. We later found out it usually costs only BHT100 =.=
Tuk tuk aka terror ride aka fast & furious!

After hours of sourcing and purchasing, it's tea time! Oyster pancake and pork stew to nurse the hunger pangs!
I just loved the fact that the food court provides tissues on each and every table!

My cute cup of tea
The mall was crowded and we were tired of walking by then thus decided to head back to the hotel to nap and bathe before going to the night market. Lo and behold, we saw the flea market at the entrance!
I was in awe with this stall... everything was handmade! So unique and cheap! The pretty lass is so talented! You can also shop online from her blogshop here
After napping and bathing, we headed to Huay Kwang night market for dinner and more shopping.  We had yummy steamed chicken rice for dinner which is a must. An interesting night market with many varieties from clothes to make-ups to their famous delicacies ranging from crickets to the unknowns. Totally loved here especially their salons and shops as mostly are only open from evening to the wee mornings! You can go for a hair cut or manicure/ pedicure too at 11pm! Can you believe it? No need to rush after work and worried they could be closed! Definitely a haven for the fairer sex ^.^
Conclusion: everywhere is so clean, even the public toilets! With so many citizens, Bangkok is as clean as a whistle. Wherever we go to, the public amenities including tissues were provided in abundance, not worrying of any misuse... unlike here in Malaysia where the people would definitely take it home! Total respect to the Thais!!! Day 2 in the next post...

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