Tuesday, 20 March 2012

MPOV: Hong Kong’s Food Culture

Upon returning to KL, we headed to Sg. Wang Plaza as sis in law Rosie had some errands to run. We were famished by then so Hubby brought us to this secluded corner behind Low Yat, walking distance from Sg Wang. I was surprised to find the place crowded!


We were seated outside as we preferred the fresh O2 as compared to the closed up air-con inside. Hubby ordered 4 bowls of oyster mee sua soup for each of us. It was filled with the aroma of oyster sauce! Very filling, burp!


Lo and behold, fried intestines!!! It may looked disgustingly oily but it tasted heavenly! Crunchy and tasty, yummylicious to the last bit! Damn… am now craving for more *drooling*


This place may looked dinghy but the food is totally decent. I Googled for the address and found that it was actually famous for dumplings and wantan noodles. Well, I’m glad I had my share of the intestines. Total bill was RM25+ (Hubby didn’t take the receipt), including 2 glasses of iced lime juice with asam boi, which was pretty cool as those intestines were totally worth it!

Location: Lot LG-018, 019 & 020, Lower Ground Floor, Plaza Low Yat

7 thumbs up out of 10

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