Saturday, 18 February 2012

RIP Whitney Houston


These few days, news are abuzz with the death of one legendary diva. She has been an iconic singer, model and actress. Such a talented woman with God’s gift of a unique voice. It’s sad that she has to leave this tumultuous world in such a manner.

One can only blame her ex-husband, Bobby Brown, for introducing her to drugs. Since her marriage to him and drugs, her career has started tumbling downwards. She was so hooked on both of them, she just couldn’t see the damage which was slowly and cruelly taking her life and God’s gift to her. I totally can’t understand why her family was unable to stop her, reason with her to leave these bastards sooner! When she finally divorced Bobby, it was too late as the drugs have eaten into her thus no matter how often she tried to stay clean, it will slowly creeps back in. By then, the damage was done as she has lost her golden voice. To think of it, maybe because of that, she has lost her confidence and strength too, hence keep turning back to drugs for support. Is she that lonely? No friends to turn to? No comfy shoulders to cry on? Even her daughter, Bobbi Kristina, has dabbled with drugs! No thanks to such bad influence from parents who lead such example.

So far, nothing has been confirmed of her death, only conclusion was she had drown in her bath tub. Was she too high on drugs that she was not awaken when plummeted into the bath tub? Or she had totally passed out or slipped and fell into the bath tub? Those are just my assumptions, even the toxicology report is not out yet. Reading the news of her just before her death, her last few days in the eyes of the world… my oh my… wasn’t helpful at all. She was in a shamble, looked beleaguering and perhaps lost. I wonder what was in her mind then. What was she thinking? Why the ‘ugly’ side of her? The sad part, she didn’t want to end up like MJ but she has…

I have grown up listening to her songs, especially during my secondary years. I may always be a Mariah Carey fan but I do enjoy listening to Whitney’s songs i.e. One moment in time, When you believe, I will always love you, Greatest love of all… mostly ballads.

Whitney, may you find peace and serenity, finally. God bless…

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