Monday, 6 February 2012

CNY 2012 - part 2

Here’s the finale. In fact, today is the last day of Chinese New Year according to the Lunar calendar, to which the Hokkiens call it ‘Chap Goh Mei’. It's also called Chinese Valentine's Day where the single ladies would throw Mandarin oranges into the sea, hoping for Mr. Right to appear ^.^ You can read more of it here.

On the night of 8th day, we went over to mom’s place to ‘Pai Thin Gong’. Once the clock strikes midnight, the prayer started and so do the fireworks! It really felt as though Lunar New Year has just started! Definitely felt the new year aura then…


I had company dinner the next day at yet another complicated location, Oriental Pearl Bukit Kiara. We had to u-turn twice before reaching the restaurant =.= The signage's were definitely poor! As usual, the ‘Yee Sang’ and company were great as opposed to the overpriced 8 course dinner. Even the wax duck had a foul smell! Me nose instantly snuffed out and triggered alert to the brain!

Other anecdotes:

  1. Had an expensive ‘Chui Keok Chou’ for lunch on my first day back to work.
  2. Had a fun time with these lovely pets last Thursday at TCM.
  3. Had this lovely Champaign Chicken, my colleague Pat called it ‘snooker chicken’ for the obvious reason, for lunch last Friday.

That’s all folks! Time really flies when we are enjoying it!

Last but not least, a very Happy Birthday to my dearest Hubby! Hope the Water Dragon is kind to you and brings you lots of luck and wealth!!!


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