Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Wailing Wednesday

I’m working today… should be on leave instead since it’s my Angel’s school concert day. Unfortunately, Hubby couldn’t get any leave and I couldn’t travel alone due to personal reasons so we had to forgo it this time. It’s sad as it was my son’s first attempt on drums and Wushu performances. He was a little sad when we told him about it but he understood our circumstances… sigh! Blaming it on bad timing… bad luck… bad year…

Me: Princess, how was your concert this morning?

Princess: Mommy, I didn’t perform mah… only gor gor. This time ah got magic show! But it’s so fake…

Me: How you know it’s fake?

Princess: I know lah… can see one… his match stick always break some more…

Me: =.=


Me: Tyger, how’s your performance?

Tyger: It was good

Me: Both no hiccups?

Tyger: No ah… it was good

Me: No stage fright?

Tyger: No

Me: Oic, did you asked Looi’s parents to help snap some pix?

Tyger: No wor

Me: Why?

Tyger: They didn’t carry any cameras this time… they came empty handed

Me: Oh! What a coincidence when we needed some pix and no camera… sigh!


I was so hoping Looi’s parents (Tyger’s classmate whom we knew) would be able to snap some pix and burn it into a CD for us. They had done the same previously. I guess it was a performance which was not meant for us to watch Sad smile

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