Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Triple H!




I was referring to this evening's terrible traffic jam. It looked like a car park filled with cars! Anyway, I was stuck at the Asia Jaya LRT bus stop, waiting for the Rapid KL bus to get to Section 14, for nearly an hour. It was late due to the bad jam. It was tiring and strenous as I had to stand in line waiting... and waiting... and waiting... with a heavy 'rock' of a bag on my aching shoulder and a slipped disc back. Totally washed out mentally and physically! Sigh!


Princess lighten my day...

Princess: Mommy, next year I'll be in standard 3
Me: Yes, of course. Why?
Princess: Next year I have to start to do 'karangan'! I'm scared!
Me: *slaps forehead* Oh that is something you will have to learn. Don't worry...
Princess: But I'm not good at that...
Me: Gor gor has gone through it so don't worry
Princess: Mommy ah! I don't want to talk already... I want to take my milk or else gor gor will finished first! I want to finish first!
Me: *speechless*

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