Wednesday, 26 October 2011

[MPOV] My Memories cont.

As mentioned the other day, I have this new product to try out. It sounds too good to be true as it is not easy to have all the right tools in 1 place for something creative. Maybe I’m not too versatile in the world wide web so seldom come across such an interesting website. It is user friendly too, especially for someone as dense as me ^.^


mymemories is an award winning digital scrapbook software. It has various digital scrapbooks, photobooks, cards, calendars and gifts software to choose from. The website ( itself is a breeze to surf through. For someone who seldom shops online *finger pointing to moi*, it was easy peasy! 


From their bestsellers to free kits, there are so many varieties! My eyes nearly popped out browsing through the many, cool designs! I’ve finally settled on their bestseller, My Memories Suite, which happens to be rated no.1 by Amazon and TopTen Reviews!


Apparently, by using this software, we can create any digital scrapbooks, photobooks, cards, calendars and gifts without having to buy all those expensive and complicated software programs! All cool tools in 1! See what I mean!!! I’m so excited now that I have downloaded it! I’ll definitely be pretty busy for the next few days, checking out all the beautiful, creative stuffs!!!

You know what? There’s a special discount now for you too! When you purchase My Memories Suite at USD$39.97, you will get USD$10 off!!! It’s totally worth it!!!

Please click on the banner below to purchase. Please, please ensure you paste this code STMMMS45818 in your purchase for the discount to be valid ya!


I have also put up a banner on the right hand side for your easy reference and future clicks. Hey it is good to share something of worthy right so please do share it with your friends and family ^.*

I will be sharing more of my experience with this new soft toy of mine… oopsie daisy! I mean software… including my new digital scrapbook! Need to dig out all my precious photos first!!! 

Until then, enjoy the discount!

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