Monday, 17 October 2011

Headache! Headache!

Princess: Daddy!
Hubby: Yes! Chow chow!
Princess: Daddy, I got headache lah
Hubby: How come?
Princess: Dunno
Hubby: I know, it's because your hair is too long! Too heavy!
Princess: No lah... got such thing meh?
Hubby: Yes, heavy mah... you need to cut your hair. If you don't believe, you ask mommy.
Princess: Mommy ah... got such thing meh?
Me: Err... ya lor need to take off some weight
Princess: But I look terrible in short hair... like a boy... you see my old photos... all looked like a boy with short hair! Cut only a little bit lah especially my fringe. Don't wanna cut it short... I'll be like a boy... *continuous ramblings*
Me and hubby: *rolls eyes* and *speechless*!

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