Sunday, 16 October 2011

Clarance & Pui Leng’s Wedding

I attended my cousin brother’s wedding dinner last night and it has inadvertently became a reunion among the ‘Lee cousins’! We haven’t met for ages due to distance… work… family… etc. It was, honestly, a blessing and I was so happy to see them. I was worried at first when Hubby was not able to join me as he can’t leave work early. After warming up, it felt like we didn’t missed anything! Ok ok… we missed a lot… we got married, our kids grew up, etc… now they are planning for a Christmas reunion, hope it succeeds ^.^

The ‘Thank you’ gift:

Lee cousins 3
Lee cousins 8

The pretty Mrs. Singapore contestant Dolly, the cantik guru Jason, moi and Ronald:

Mom with Jason:

We had a fun time, laughing endlessly! Unfortunately some cousins could not make it so hopefully we are complete in December ^.*
Lee cousins 4

From left standing: my bro Ryan, Dennis, Anna, the groom Clarance, Ronald, Jason and my bro Christopher
Seated: moi, Jino and Jennifer
Lee cousins 5

‘Kah lui peng’ from cousin Clarence, given earlier to family and relatives:

15th October 2011 was indeed an auspicious and memorable date ^.^ Congrats to the newly weds! Clarance and Pui Leng, hope to hear tiny feet a patter soon!

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