Thursday, 29 September 2011

MPOV: Chatime

Finally, I have the chance to try this infamous drink which everyone has been queuing for!

As it was empty (yes, I don’t have to queue for it ^.*), I asked the girls for recommendation since it’s my first time. They recommended 3 types and I settled for Passion Fruit QQ.

The quality of the drink was good, thick texture and really tasty like the fruit itself but a tad sour for my liking. It has both jelly and pearl but I would have preferred the pearl alone. The jelly was crunchy and blended well with the drink too but I still prefer the pearl alone ^.^

I noticed they have a wide variety of flavours and mixtures unlike the usual bubble tea shop. I guess this is why they are so famous for, even though it costs more. My drink was RM5.90, I could easily get for the same minus the jelly for RM3.90. For the quality and variety, I guess it was worthy.

Location: G12 Ground Floor, Syopz, The Boardwalk, Taylor’s Lakeside Campus

7 thumbs up out of 10

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