Tuesday, 30 August 2011

BFF’s and Raya

I am blessed with a few good friends, whom I’ve known for more than 10 years! Believe it or not! Time really flies and boy, oh boy, we have grown so much… lived through so much… all the ups and downs… you named it, I believe we have gone through most of it if not all. I really do appreciate their friendship and the support they have given me *feeling grateful*!

Anyway, Joyce and I visited Sherry today, her family celebrates Hari Raya. It’s been a while since I last saw her and we had a wonderful time chatting the day away! The food was superb and so was the company Winking smile

After that, we went for karaoke, minus Sherry as she wanted to nap. Me with my slightly horsy with phlegm voice, I did try my best, but not sure how Joyce can tahan the whole afternoon! LOL!!! Well, I did sang fewer songs, mind you Joyce is a fantastic singer compared to me, so as not to screech the whole afternoon Smile with tongue out

A day well spent with good friends is a memorable day indeed *blissful sigh*!

Oh yea… early in the morning, I witnessed a very touching scene in PJ State. A Benz was cruising by when it suddenly stopped and honked at a homeless woman. The driver, an old man, gestured for the woman to come closer, opening the door and gave her some $$$! I was surprised… touched… and this happened on the first day of Raya… may God bless this old man, wherever he is Smile

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