Sunday, 12 June 2011

Gala Premier of Sunway Lagoon's Magical Musicals

Thanks to allMalaysia Blogger's Project (AMBP), I received a pair of invites to attend the Gala Premier of Sunway Lagoon's Magical Musicals on 10th June 2011! Yippee yay!

I was supposed to bring Princess as she would love the glitzy glamour musical but Hubby couldn’t go off early to fetch her hence I had to look for other alternative. I ended up asking Ann since her birthday had just passed… sort off a belated birthday present for her lah ^.^

We were at the main entrance by 7pm, joining the queue, waiting to be allowed into the Amphitheatre. It was a very humid evening, I was sweating profusely! The queue quickly built up and by 7.30pm, they finally let us in… phew!


It was a very long journey to the Amphitheatre. I didn’t know it was that far! Mid way through, we got on the buggy/ train to be ferried to the theatre. Thank goodness! I was already wet with sweat! Ann pulak looked cool… not a single drop! See photo below, dry as a whistle =.=

As it was a gala premier, upon reaching the entrance of the Amphitheatre, we still had to queue as they were slowly letting us in on the red carpet. Yes! The red carpet! DJ’s from (JD and Dilly) and Litefm (Ryan and Sarah) were there to greet us, totally made us felt like celebrities albeit in the heat and sweat *grinning* Shucks, I was all sweaty by then! I hope I looked good in the photo *silly grin*

Once inside, to my utmost horror, it was an open-air theatre! It’s a first for me to the Amphitheatre so it caught me off guard especially since it was a damn hot night! Thankfully, the many huge fans around were working efficiently, I was able to cool down subsequently. The musical finally started around 8.45pm after the opening speeches by Aaron Soo (CEO of Sunway Lagoon & Executive Producer of Magical Musicals) and Chris Colby (Director & Producer) & David Kort (Choreographer).

The impressive stage that is set against Times Square in New York, one of the most iconic locations


Magical Musicals tells an endearing story of young small-town performers seeking recognition for their immeasurable talents. It ties together 30 musical numbers from widely loved musicals of all time such as Mamma Mia!, Dreamgirls, Saturday Night Fever, Moulin Rouge!, Grease, Footloose, We Will Rock You, West Side Story, Hairspray and even the televised musical phenomenon, Glee!

Overall, it was a very magical performance and musically entertaining! I was pretty mesmerized by it that I only managed to snap some photos. Oh yes… we were allowed to bring our cameras in during this gala premiere *grinning* The vocals were breath-takingly fantastic! However I felt that they would definitely sound better in a closed stage. The dancers were good and entertaining for an overall local ensemble. I especially enjoyed the 2nd half of the musical as I knew most of the songs here! I guess most of us did as I noticed most of the guests started moving and jiggling with the musicals by then ^.^

The talented West End performers cast as lead characters are Stevie Tate Bauer, Neil Couperthwaite, Amanda Salmon, Stephen Weller, Gareth Heesom and LJ Neilson. The impressive theatrics is supported by a company of over 30 international dancers, daring fire-eaters and lively Bhangra drummers.


I will not spoil your fun by listing the musicals sung, you should be there to experience the glitzy glamour fun and a dazzling stage set with spectacular pyrotechnics and massive LED screens! Magical Musicals premieres on 10th June and runs until 17th July 2011 with one show a day at 7pm (no show on Tuesday) and two shows at 7pm and 9.30pm from Friday to Saturday. You can check out the details here:



Twitter: sunwaylagoon1

Get your tickets from or call 603 8775 4666

We had a wonderful girl’s night out despite the hunger pangs (We haven’t taken our dinner yet, mind you, due to the rush and timing). We enjoyed the red carpet treatment for a cool gala premier but do wished there was air-condition ^.^ Only set back, we had to endure the long and far walk back to the car park in Sunway Pyramid… no buggy/ train rides here. I do wish they would improvise the ‘long journey’ from/ to the main entrance to/ from the theatre *wishful thinking*

7 thumbs up out of 10


Stephen Weller said...

Hi Sholee - thanks for the write-up and the photos. I'm glad you had a good night - despite being a bit hot!! I can assure you that onstage we understand how hot it is at the Amphitheatre! ;-) Thanks again for coming.

Anonymous said...

Thx for the belated birthday give..!! i really enjoyed on that night. love it...!!! ^.^

Susan said...

@Stephen: I did have a fun nite :-)
@Ann: ur most welcome :-)


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