Thursday, 5 May 2011

You Tube account

Tyger: Mommy, when you are free, please create an account for me

Me: What account?

Tyger: I want a You Tube account

Me: Huh? What for? Why do you need a You Tube account?

Tyger: I want to be able to save all the videos that I like to watch, especially series like Power Rangers. I don’t need to always search for it mah.

Me: You can use my account lah… mommy seldom use it.

Tyger: Don’t want, I want a new account, my own one

Me: =.=

Kids nowadays… when I was their age, I don’t even know what is a computer nor You Tube! I think You Tube hasn’t exists yet! My only concern is those non-‘Umum’ rated videos. I’m wondering how to block all those unwanted videos from their search results… totally not well-versed with You Tube though.

Any idea?

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