Thursday, 10 March 2011


An old lady was begging for money during our breakfast at the local foodcourt in hometown last Sunday. Princess immediately looked at Hubby. Hubby, knowingly, took out some coins for her. She calculated RM1 and gave it to the old lady when she reached our table.

I was thinking to myself ‘We have brought her up right’… feeling proud of her ^.^


This week is exam week before the school holidays start this Saturday. I was asking Princess how she fared on her first day of exam…

Me: Princess, how was your exam? Know how to do?

Princess: Ok lor, can do but if got 1 mistake never mind right?

Me: What mistake? We have to see your results first, when you got your marked papers back

Princess: Only 1 mah, not many

Before I could reply, she immediately said she’s sleepy, wanna go to bed! =.= *slaps forehead!

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