Sunday, 25 July 2010

Bizzy Body

Invitation to a Complimentary Exclusive Indulgence Session with Bizzy Body /Facial First:

When I first received their call, I was surprised. Am I that fat??? Hmmm… then the nice lady explained that a friend of mine has given my contact to them. So due to this, it was courtesy for me to actually plan with my colleagues to go since they extended it to them. This indulgence session comprised of a complimentary body or facial treatment in a group of 6 -7 pax per session. My office stats: 98% male and 2% female; as such my colleagues actually snubbed when I broached the subject, including my boss :-( The nice lady allowed me to bring my friends and family due to that, which was not easy too since most of my friends actually disliked sliming centers. Finally mom, my youngest brother Chris, Eric and Ann agreed to go with me yesterday. However, in the end, only 3 of us made it there as Eric had to work and Ann had another engagement apparently :-(


While waiting for the receptionist to register us, mind you we have to give our IC for registration :-(, I saw a table of photo-testimonials of women who had shed a few kilos.


We were ushered to the back, had our height and weight measured including some other calculation done by the ‘intelligent’ weighing scale. My guess is our fat since the receptionist didn’t mentioned it.


Mom and I were asked to wait here while they ushered Chris to another location.


Wall of fame in the small waiting room.

Another surprise after the sales lady came in to explain the various products, asking our previous treatment experiences and what we intended to try out. Firstly, when the appointment was made, no one had actually asked me if we are going for body or facial treatment. My assumption was that we would pick once we are there. Mom and I wanted to try out the facial treatment but to our horror, we were booked for body treatment and we were not allowed to change it o.O If we do want the facial treatment, we have to pay the special priced promo for first timer! We had no choice but to go for the body treatment reluctantly :-( I do applaud the fact that she was a professional as she didn’t comment on a direct competitor; mom told her she is a New York customer – for facial lah.


The changing room was kinda small. Last photo taken as I was not allowed to take any more photos inside the treatment area. When they got to know I’m a blogger, I was given the ‘wary’ look. I wonder why… is it wrong for me to blog of my experience? I would think it’s a boost for them if I had a positive experience and my readers wanted to try them out. Geez!

Anyway, we were given the chance to try out E-Intense Full Body Treatment by Bizzy Body which was worth RM 660! It consisted of:

  • Ginseng wrap with heat roll – I was slabbed with some ginseng lotion and then wrapped up with plastic cling film tightly. After that, I was asked to lie on a bed with infra-red emanating heat, wrapped up with another layer of aluminum-looking blanket.
  • Body fat firming – not sure what the actual term was but quite a number of pads were placed all over my body. It’s linked to a machine which will generate some tingling sensation from the pads.

A brief intro of this treatment given in the email invite from the nice lady:

E-Intense is our latest technology that helps improves lymphatic drainage and flush out toxins and bodily wastes. E-Intense technology also helps to relax the membranes of fat cells for the toxins to dislodge in preparation of the slimming process. Once the body has been detoxified, E-Intense mobilizes the uneven fat cells and increases the metabolism rate. In just 20 minutes, E-Intense can eliminate body fats and burn off at least 600 - 1200 calories as oppose to 1 hour of intensive exercise that burn 300 - 500 calories only. The final step of E-Intense is to revitalize the body by stabilizing fat cells, soothing and relieving tension. The body is firmed up and you can soon expect a slender and a more refined body!

Our experience overall was not what we expected. Mom thought they are using the hot-stone type of treatment, me and Chris were hoping for massages. It wasn’t comfortable at all especially the heat roll! Both mom and I had neck ache after that! In fact, I was hungry after the treatment! LOL! I guess we are not the type who would go to sliming centers to be indulged :p Honestly, if your aim is to lose weight then it’s the place for you! We were quickly ushered out by the sales lady once completed and acknowledged the fact that we would not consider trying the other products. She was kinda wary with her words too, ya, after knowing that I’m a blogger =_=  

Anyway, thanks to Danny for this ‘intensive’ experience. I would have preferred a facial treatment though :p  


Location: Top Floor, Sunway Pyramid (next to the bowling center)

6 thumbs up out of 10

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