Wednesday, 21 October 2009


I had a first hand experience of someone fainting today and it made me feel helpless as I don't know any First Aid. I was in Sg Wang earlier for a meeting. While waiting for my colleague, I had a drink at Bayu Timur Cafe. I noticed a salesgirl in one of the boutique, I think called Fortune, was yawning non-stop while standing, leaning against a changing room, looking pale. Suddenly I heard a loud thud and saw this girl lying on the floor. I was really shocked and I just stared at her. Her colleagues were panicking, trying to revive her, 1 bringing her water and another massaging her back. They were calling her, trying to wake her up. When I got to my senses, I remembered I have a bottle of minyak angin so I offered it to the one massaging her, hoping that it will help. They have called the security guard and he has paged for a few plain-clothed securities for assistance. When they arrived and analyzed the situation, they sent the security guard to get a wheel chair. I was thinking why they couldn't bring it along when they came to see her, it would have been more efficient... weird and time consuming. Anyway, she finally came about but still very weak. After asking her a few questions, they wheeled her away, my guess to a clinic. A real life 911 'Malaysian' style...

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