Thursday, 30 July 2009

Movie review - July 09

I didn't managed to watch that many movies this month as busy with so many things! Hope to catch up as I have missed some which I like :-(

1) 12 rounds
The story line is kind of predictable but the adrenalin rush is good, full of action and excitement.

2) Watchmen
This is one of those movies where we watched and can never understand what they are about. It looks like a very messy and uncoordinated movie with some sex scenes, very unhero-like and boring.

Harry Potter and the half blood prince:
A superb movie, really worth to watch in the cinema! It has a combination of love, sadness, hatred, excitement, etc... The graphics were really good and realistic too! I heard some critics said it's boring but honestly, I think they just don't appreciate the love part hence finding it boring. Of course the movie captures only half the book but for those who hasn't read, it's good enough to watch ;-)

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