Monday, 22 June 2020

[MPOV] Daring and the Duke (The Bareknuckle Bastards # 3)

My rating: 3/5
Goodreads rating: 4.29/5
Published: June 30th, 2020
Author: Sarah MacLean
Genre: Historical romance, regency romance, fiction

I have received this e-ARC from Edelweiss in return for my honest review.

Daring and the Duke is actually book 3 of The Bareknuckle Bastards trilogy. The Bareknuckle Bastards consisted of Devon, Whit and Grace. The first 2 books were about Devon and Whit. This one is about Grace's eventual romance with Ewan and the finale. A closure for both in the end after many mishaps, face-off's and misunderstood conditions due to their late father's evil plan. 

I didn't realised this is book 3 but the title caught my eye LOL! As it was written with much detail, at some point it had me curious and want to know more! I didn't feel left out or anything as it was recapped nicely. With some loosen tease here and there, it got me worked up feeling intrigued, wanting to find out exactly what happened between Ewan and Grace.

The downside is, with much detail, it became repetitive. It was written in each other's point of view with both droning on and on about their past, each other's features, their current angst or regret or revenge and hope for the future. Hence I kept reading the same plot thoughts again and again which was kinda dragging for me at some point. However when they have passed all those bickering and started accepting each other, that moment on the flow was more fluid and more entertaining.

As the story progresses with Ewan using a different tack to get Grace, it gets better with some action packed too. I actually liked the story itself with Grace playing indirectly hard to get and Ewan's not so Duke's attitude trying to charm her. It sure feels right although the world Grace has built was somewhat similar to Kathryn Harvey's Butterfly. Though set in a different time with different characters, both owned similar 'prestigious pleasure ladies club' :-)

Some notable quotes:
You are a queen. Tonight, I am your throne.
He wanted to learn her maps - over slate tiles and around smokestacks - and hear ever tale she had to tell about the last twenty years. He wanted to make new maps. New tales.
He was a planet. She was the sun.
"Title first, last, and always," he said. "Heir, first, last, and always."
All in all, it's a 'happy ever after' historical novel with a different trope that is quite interesting and entertaining. If you liked a little extra spice in your romance then this is up your alley.

Some new words for me:
Megrims - depression, low spirits
Factotum - an employee who does all kinds of work
Bacchanal - a wild and drunken celebration
Arborist - tree surgeon
I loved you the moment I set eyees on you a lifetime ago, but what that was - it pales in comparison to how I love you now.

Thursday, 18 June 2020

Happy Father's Day!

Father's Day is this Sunday so this is an advance greeting :-)

A very Happy Father's Day to all Father's and Father figures out there!
A heavenly greeting to my dad and father in law!
Also the warmest loveliest greeting to my hubby :-)
Image Googled

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Tuesday, 16 June 2020

Cross-stitch for greeting card

I've recently made this one which is a cable car but I have left the outline out since I'm using it with a greeting card template. A simple yet fast to do cross-stitch that I've enjoyed making. The only downside, I've misjudged the sides and cut the cloth first before stitching. That is why the outcome is so near the edge LOL! Anyway, this design is suited for guys i.e. Father's Day is just around the corner :-)

Tuesday, 9 June 2020

RMO: Day 84

Today is the last day of Extended CMCO and tomorrow we will enter the Recovery MCO phase as announced by our PM last Sunday. This RMCO will take effect until 31/8/2020. With all the SOP's which have been enforced, living and working in this new normal may take some time to adjust and also hopefully it will fully curbed the virus from spreading. I do have that phobic fear since we are not able to see nor touch the virus. I do pray and hoped that this virus will be eliminated permanently. It will just stay in our history books, similarly to previous plagues and hoped that the vaccines will be ready soon. Covid-19 has definitely etched the world with much harrowing experience, so much sadness and causing millions of deaths. Lets just hope that from now onwards, we will practice social distancing, constant washing of hands and wearing masks unconditionally to forever rid of this killer virus!

Wednesday, 3 June 2020

[MPOV] Rosemary OR Too Clever to Love

My rating: 3/5
Goodreads rating: 4.46/5
Published: 11th May 2020
Author G.L. Robinson
Genre: Historical romance, regency romance

I've received this e-ARC from BookSirens in return for my honest review.

Rosemary is a young governess looking after Marianne Fairchild. Upon her father's death, Marianne has been left to her uncle, Earl of Tyndell, acting as her guardian until she marries.  Both Marianne and Rosemary have to shift over to the Earl's High House as her current house has been left to another cousin. Staying with Dear Uncle Giles (Marianne call's her uncle that)  proved to be difficult at first but slowly as they adapt, everything begins to fall into place nicely including a blossoming love between the Earl and the governess.

This is another prim and proper romance novel, no hanky panky of any sorts which was as subtle as it can be. There were some typos and lengthy fillers but overall a delight to read with a mixture of literature, music and some delightful banter with a little action towards the end. 

It has a typical attraction which slowly blossoms into love kinda story that has been written with a simple yet imaginative style. I've enjoyed how the shy attraction and innocence of romance grew without the rage of sex LOL! Definitely a nice change from the current modern takes. The drama may be a little predictable but it still has the effect it desired, a happy ever after ending :-)

A new word for me:
Encomium - a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly

Some notable quotes that caught my attention:
Here was a woman of education and opinions, forced into a situation of servitude. He suddenly felt sorry for her.
I'll be all prunes, prisms and proper for Dear Uncle Giles!
We love a person only on account of borrowed qualities - Pascal

To continue or not to continue my domain name

I have just received an email notification that my domain name,, needs to be renewed. It costs $15.16 yearly, which is approximately RM65. I have had this name for a whole 10 years and I am wondering now if I should continue it or terminate it. I used to think that having a domain name sounds cool. Yep, it sounds lame but young innocent me then finds it glamorous to have one LOL! After 10 years with not much monetisation and increasing money exchange, it has me doubting if I should continue it. Also I am thinking of changing the platform. Still sticking to free platform as I do not want to spend extra just for hosting a personal blog. However I am still keen to continue blogging so no thoughts of stopping it as yet.

My blog is not generating as much money or a stable income. As such, paying RM65 yearly is a lot in my books. If it is generating at least RM50 yearly, I wouldn't mind then to renew since it would deemed as self sufficient. However, it is not hence my doubts.

As it's a personal blog, it does not have a niche hence a mixture of lifestyle and reviews. I'm not a KOL nor a famous influencer so spending money on a domain name is more of syiok sendiri LOL! RM65 can be used for many other things aside from a domain name!

When I bought this domain name, I wasn't exposed much to local registrars as such I have signed up with a US company. Looking back, I should have done more homework before signing up as I would have preferred to sign up with a well reputable and yet affordable local company which is aligned with my 'support local' belief. So I did some Googling but there are not many and it is quite costly compared to my current one. Also I've not heard of them so a little insecure pulak!

How now, brown cow? Do you have any recommendations? What is your take on this menial thought?

Tuesday, 2 June 2020

Crochet: Chevron Hanging Planter

I've been wanting to crochet a holder for my small potted plants for indoor. Finally found this Chevron Hanging Planter pattern by which was simple and easy to make. However I do not have bulky yarns so managed to make a mini one with my acrylic yarn.
What I've used:
  • 100% acrylic yarn
  • some crystals
  • a mini glass
  • an indoor plant
Looks like I need to look for bulky yarns to make more for bigger pots :-)

Thursday, 28 May 2020

[MPOV] The Kite Runner

My rating: 4/5
Goodreads rating: 4.3/5
Published: May 29, 2003
Author: Khaled Hosseini
Genre: Asian literature, family fiction

5) Read a book set in the Muslim world OR by a Muslim writer

This novel is about Amir, narrated from his point of view, from his childhood days in Kabul with his best friend Hassan to his adulthood in USA where he settled down and married Soraya. It's a journey about friendship, brotherhood, family, dignity, honour, and regret.

This was the author's first book in which I find that it was written fluidly, as though it is his own memoir. So much details incorporated but with clarity that only a person who has witnessed firsthand would know. Apparently part of it was from the author's experience, the remaining plots and characters in the book are a work of fiction.

There were a few harrowing moments like when Amir was on the run from Kabul to Pakistan with his father and when Amir returned to Kabul to look for Hassan's son. Not forgetting what happened to Hassan when they were still boys that led to Amir's self-distancing and regret. All in all, it was an emotionally charged novel and upon reading chapter 13, it was the hardest as it made me cry. I loved how it ended, that tiny little hope that made it all worth it.

We have always read about the war in Afghanistan in the newspaper or watch it on the news but through this novel, I was introduced to Afghanistan before the war. It truly was a beautiful country with such wonderful culture and legacy. Too bad that the war has destroyed most of it. If you are like me, curious of it all then this novel is up your alley. Also Malaysia was mentioned once towards the end ;-)

Some notable quotes:
"For you a thousand times over."
"There is only one sin and that is theft... when you tell a lie, you steal someone's right to the truth."
“Not a word passes between us, not because we have nothing to say, but because we don't have to say anything”
"A boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up to anything." 
"I read once that, in Malaysia, they use kites to catch fish." 


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