Saturday, 30 April 2022

Community Book Sharing: Fumio Sasaki's Goodbye, Things

I have attended a few book discussions where it is the norm to read the book first and then attend the discussion. It is logical to read it first so that we can share our views or feedback of the book, which is the purpose of the book discussion. However, having to read it first may be daunting for me as I won't have the said book most of the time. Also having to finish reading it in time for the book discussion is also stressful and reading is supposed to be a relaxing hobby. As such, I have refrained from attending that many book discussions and also remained inactive in the book club I'm in. 
Recently, I came across this Instagram post by Revitalized Books about a Community Book Sharing event. This is something new for me as we can attend the session without having to read the said book first! The host will share some details and excerpts from the selected book based on a theme for that session. I was intrigued by the mechanism so when I saw the theme for April was ''minimalism'', I just had to attend it! The selected book was Goodbye, Things by Fumio Sasaki. Coincidentally I have read that book lah but if I haven't then I can considered it as ''completed" for my Goodreads challenge at the end of the session! It sure beats reading the full book, right?! Also, the book sharing sessions here are for non-fiction titles which is a plus for me as I rarely reads non-fiction!
Overall, after attending this session last April 3rd, here are my 2 cents:

1) I saved time trying to read the book as there are too many books with too little time to read it all
2) I can rent the book from Revitalize Books (they are an online book rental shop) or borrow the book from the library if I really want to read it so I can save more trees
3) I can complete my book reading challenge faster!
4) I made new friends with like-minded interests
5) I can destress and enjoy the session with some light refreshments
6) This event is held every 2 months once so it is less taxing and more enjoyable this way

Here are the themes for the rest of the sessions:
5th June: Creativity
7th August: Rest / Sleep
2nd October: Happiness
4th December: Mental Health

The event is held at The Hatchery Place, a cozy in-home coworking and coliving space in USJ 11. It costs a mere RM20 for each session. If you are interested, you can follow Revitalized Books' Instagram for more deets:

Here are some photos of the session:
The host and owner of Revitalize Books, Ai Jou, explaining about the session

Group photo!

Yummy light refreshments!

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