Monday, 17 January 2022

TBNT Book Challenge 2022

Earlier this month, I have mentioned that I will slow down on my reading in order to allow a more relaxing year with more time for other hobbies such as to craft, garden or even colour. 

In view of this, I have lowered my Goodreads reading challenge from 36 books last year (to which I didn't complete) to 13 books for this year. Why 13? Well, this is to accommodate TBNT Book Challenge which has13 challenges. Aside from this, I am also going for Litsy's Book Spin Bingo which can be used concurrently with TBNT Book Challenge so no extra pressure here. I've thought of joining again some KLBAC book discussions but that will probably be after Chinese New Year. There are quite a few based on various genres so depending on my schedule, if it's too tight then I'll forgo it. 

Anyway, I'm sharing TBNT Book Challenge here, in case any of you readers are interested to participate.
Wish me luck!!!

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