Friday, 7 January 2022

Happy New Year! An update for year 2022.

It's been awhile since I last posted anything here! I've been busy with work, life and family that I didn't have much time to read or craft. Even though I've read a few to finish off TBNT Book Challenge, I didn't have the time nor thoughts to review it here! So now that I am back from my long hiatus, I'll try to complete my long outstanding blogs and post it soonest! 

Just a quick update for year 2022 which I have given it lots of thoughts. I have decided that I will move this blog from Blogspot to Wordpress and do away with my domain name. This will take effect in the middle of the year. As such, by mid 2022, you should view from and will cease to exists by then. Why the drastic measure? Well, domain name is something nice to have but it serves no other purpose except for boosting the ego LOL! So out it goes and I'll get to save me some quid!

Also, I have to decided to reduce reading books for review as I find that I am not enjoying my reads anymore. It felt more pressured and more stress having to complete it and review it. The joy of reading has becoming a burden to me and I actually hit a huge reading slump in 4th quarter of 2021!!! It was a coincidence that my Kobo Touch went cranky and couldn't power up at the same time! When I finally managed to boot it up, all my e-books were gone! Yes, it was 0 and I had to set it all up again. It is definitely a sign if you asked me.

As I hit my 50 this year, I have to slow down, relax and enjoy the view, so to speak. I will try to balance my hobbies by crafting more, gardening, colouring and reading evenly. We only live once so I want to enjoy my family time more too, living my live according to me and not dictated by others. I trust that you would understand as I'm sure you would want the same too or have already achieved the same. So wish me luck on my new journey and I hope you will still read my blog on the new platform. 

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