Tuesday, 20 July 2021

[MPOV] The Painted Hall Collection

My rating: 4/5
Goodreads rating: 4/5
Published: 15/12/2018
Author: Anna Tan
Genre: fantasy, magical realism

Another pick for July's Book Challenge:
1. TBNT Book Challenge: A speculative novella OR a read with magical elements
2. Book Spin / Book Spin Bingo: letters T or A (Anna Tan)

This is a reread for me, you can read my initial review here:

The experience reading it a second time is different as, initially, I've read it over a span of a few years due to it's various release dates from the e-ARC I've received. Now reading it at one go from a book definitely had a much pleasant reading journey compared to earlier. 

This is a unique novel where the story is broken down by it's various phase of life. First one, When Wind Blows Cold, is based on Danis finding Hana. Next, The Flame of The North and Beneath The Rumbling Earth are based on both Mica and Hono, Danis and Hana's children. Last but not least, The Still, Small Voice is based on Hono.

Overall, it was truly an exciting journey for a simple kinda folklore with some magical elements. It is fast paced and straightforward which can be finished in 2 seating max but I did take a longer time to complete due to working from home. After finishing work, there are lots of home chores to complete too! Anyway, it has only 93 pages so you get the drift :-)

The remaining 27 pages is based on a trilogy the author is working on. Shattered Memories is part of this trilogy namely Absolution so you can get a taste of what to expect from it. Amok is the first release from the Absolution trilogy and I have read the e-ARC. You can check out my review here: 

All in all, Anna Tan's novels are suitable for all walks of life including young readers too. With it's easy to understand prose and attractive magical realism, I'm sure it will keep them, and even us, entertained until the end :-)

For more deets, you can check out her website:

Thank you again, Anna, for the opportunity to read and review your novels. I truly can't wait for the next Absolution novel!

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