Friday, 30 July 2021

[MPOV] Dracula from the story by Bram Stoker

My rating: 4/5
Goodreads rating: 4.06/5
Published: March 1st, 1996
Retold by Mike Stocks
Genre: horror, vampire, literature, classic

I've picked another quick read for July's Book Challenge:
A speculative novella OR a read with magical elements

I have watched numerous Dracula's and Van Helsing's movies, though it may be gory and scary at times, I have never expected reading a Usborne Classics Retold version would be a frightening experience. I kept getting chills and goosebumps, half expecting something to jump out of nowhere! Imagine that, it is just a novella for young readers!
Truthful retellings of classic stories, clearly written in a modern, approachable style for young readers. Include informative notes on the authors and original texts.
It is well retold in a informative and easy to understand manner about a lawyer's encounter of a vampire in Transylvania which led to him to be gravely ill and lost contact with his fiancee in London. Mina, his fiancee, finally received a letter from a hospital in Budapest informing her of Jonathan's ill health to which she quickly travelled to looking for him. She was shocked to see his poor condition and slowly nurse him to good health. He has given his journal of his encounter for Mina to read and understand what has happened to him but she has kept it instead. They got married and returned to London. One day while on a stroll, Jonathan was shocked to see the vampire prying on a innocent girl. Upon learning this, Mina decided to read Jonathan's journal and together they embarked on a journey to seek and destroy the vampire.

I'm glad to have finally read this, although short, it isn't a sweet one LOL! It did give me scary goosebumps especially towards the end and I liked that ending. At least it has a ''happy ever after'' one :-) The overall story was mildly retold yet with chilly effects. It slightly deviates from the movie versions I've watched and I'm unsure of the true, original one from Bram Stoker. I've never read it which I think I never will in the future too, my fragile heart can't take it LOL!!! Anyway, this retold was well written and definitely suitable for the young readers.

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