Friday, 4 June 2021

[Crochet] Spring Celebration CAL

This is definitely a way overdue post.

I have joined a Spring Celebration Crochet Along on Instagram in March-April and it was a mistake as I didn't have much time to actually do to complete it all. TBH, I should have thought it out before joining it. I've only managed to make 2 out of 11 designs! If only I have more time to do at least half of it but I couldn't... sad but true...

It was a stringent CAL with a tight timeline where those interested would have to follow the specially created Instagram account which would be closed to public when the registration ends. Then over a period of time, each design will have half of it's pattern published. Once we have finished that first half as required, we will have to Insta-story it so that the respective designers will add us into another special Instagram account which is private where the remaining half is published. If we missed the boat then we will have to buy the pattern in order to finish it if we want. Tedious right? Well, it can't be helped as to protect the respective designer's wellbeing. 

Anyway, it was a joy to complete this 2 designs. It was not as complicated but I just needed more time (I can only crochet at night about 2 to 3 hours). Thank you so much to the organizer and designers for this awesome platform! Here are my finished dolls...

Neo the Elephant by Alison

Immy the Lamb by Lucia Forthmann Crochet

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