Tuesday, 4 May 2021

[MPOV] Downtrodden Abbey

My rating: 1/5
Goodreads rating: 2.92/5
Published: December 3rd, 2013
Author: Gillian Fetlock
Genre: Historical fiction, humour, comedy, parody

Welcome to Downtrodden Abbey, where a battle for the deed to the property is waged between legitimate aristocrats and literal pretenders to the throne. The Crawfish family—Marry, Supple, Enid, Lady Flora, and Lord Roderick—are content wiling their days away with naughty charades and twenty-two course dinners until the sinking of the Gigantic takes down the next in line to inherit Downtrodden. Soon, cousin Isabich and her son, Atchew, the rightful heir to the Abbey, arrive to claim what's theirs. Downstairs, the servants are running amok, as crippled weakling Brace is aggressively courted by teen hottie Nana, and lady's maid "Potatoes" O'Grotten and her flamboyant sidekick, Tomaine, cause trouble at every turn. The ensuing, insufferably overwrought melodrama takes the reader upstairs and downstairs, into parlours and drawing rooms, boudoirs and bathrooms, and across every class—from the classiest to the classless—in the social pecking order of Edwardian England. Uproariously funny, with a wicked sense of humor that Downton Abbey diehards will enjoy, Gillians Fetlocks skewers your favorite characters with panache in this winning parody.

I have picked this book based on April challenges for the below:
1. TBNT Book Challenge: A book with an animal on the cover
2. Bookspin / Bookspin Bingo: letters G and M (Gillian Fetlock)

This novel is a parody of Downton Abbey filled with sarcasm which is not my cup of tea. I have not watched Downton Abbey so I have read this with an open mind. However, the sarcasm and ridiculousness eventually got to me and I've speedread it just to finish it. Thankfully it was well written hence the one star for the author's effort. 

A notable quote which I'm partial with:
Unfortunately, you were born into an era of entitled, lazy men who tale advantage of gender privilege and dominate ladies in ways that border on abuse. They earn twice as much money as women for doing less work, their thirst for alcohol is boundless, and their prehistoric sexual proclivities do not seem to evolve from when they were at puberty.
Learnt a few new words:
Daguerreotype - a photograph taken by an early photographic process employing an iodine-sensitized silvered plate and mercury vapour.

Harpsichord - a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard.

Accoutrement - an additional item of dress or equipment.

Zaftig - having a full, rounded figure; plump (typically used of a woman).

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