Monday, 24 May 2021

Amok: Cover Reveal

What is Amok?

Amok is a new novel by Anna Tan, a talented Malaysian author based in Penang, which will be released on 24th June 2021. I had the opportunity to read the e-ARC of this awesome novel recently! Finally, the cover reveal is here! It sure looks as awesome as the novel itself!

You can read my full review here:

Amok: e-ARC review

What is faith, except hope in desperation?

All Putera Mikal wants is to gain the Amok Strength, the supernatural power granted by Kudus to the Mahan royal family. No matter how religiously Mikal keeps his vows, Kudus still denies him the Strength—whilst his father, Sultan Simson, flaunts the Strength despite his blatant defiance of the Temple and the priests’ visions of coming doom.

Then the prophecies come true.

Taken captive, Mikal must find a way to liberate his people and restore his throne in Maha—and the key to this is the Amok Strength. But what does it take to gain Kudus’ favour?

If you are interested, you can order from the Pre-order links here:

For Malaysia Only: Paperback (signed copies) preorder price: RM35 [Full price: RM45]

Signed Paperbacks: 

For the rest of the world: Ebook preorder price: USD2.99 / RM12.00 [Full price: USD4.99 / RM20]



Anna Tan grew up in Malaysia, the country that is not Singapore. She is interested in Malay/Nusantara and Chinese legends and folklore in exploring the intersection of language, culture, and faith. 

Anna has an MA in Creative Writing: The Novel under a Chevening scholarship and is the President of the Malaysian Writers Society. She can be found tweeting as @natzers and forgetting to update

Where to find Anna online:





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