Friday, 19 February 2021

MCO 2.0: after one month

We are currently under Movement Control Order (MCO) 2.0 which has started since January 18, 2021 and has yet to end for the state that I am in. A month of working from home (WFH) thus far and I began to feel that itch... I just can't wait to go back to the office!

There are a few reasons to it as below:

I have just started working for this new company early this year so it was a little unsettling as there were many gray areas still and having to work from home seemed a little inconvenient. It would have been much easier to liaise face to face with my colleagues as opposed to online. The same goes for learning... maybe I'm old school like that! Thankfully with a new laptop, everything turns out well so far and works as smooth as silk LOL!

Stuff like medical card, bank account and company t-shirt have not been sorted out as yet. Yeah, new company so new stuff to report and open. The ONE that really irked me was the bank account which leads to a long rant here... 

I am grateful for the salesman coming in to help us register and all just before MCO started but having to wait for the postman to deliver my debit card so that I can register my online banking was truly a pain as my card never came. 

Firstly, in this era, who in their right mind would still use snail mail to post an important document like debit card? Most companies use either Poslaju or a reputable courier and rarely uses snail mail, correct me if I am wrong. This is just simple logic. If they are not willing to foot the bill then offer option to their customer i.e. top-up x amount for it to be couriered. Customer like me would be grateful as snail mail is not reliable at my area and the postman does not come by everyday. 

Honestly, my mother in law who's always home only sees the postman passing by like once or twice a month. Moreover I have experienced lost mails especially bills quite often so not sure if Pos Malaysia at Telok Panglima Garang has misplaced it or somewhere along the way. Hence I have switched to e-billing for most but there are some such as government taxes who still use snail mail. Luckily the late payment charges were nominal or there would have been another long rant!

I have another valid example here. I have just received a postcard via Postcrossing from Johor. She has stated clearly that it's a resent as the previous one never reached me. A simply chronology:

10/12/2020 - first postcard posted out but never reached me - I wonder where it has gone to...
9/2/2021 - second postcard posted out but reached me on 18/2/2021

So in Postcrossing tracking, it took 70 days for a postcard from Johor to reach me in Selangor. Get it???

Anyway, as the postman finally came without the debit card, it is deemed to be lost so according to the salesman, I have to walk in to the nearest branch to get a replacement card. I did request for another via courier this time but it is their practice not to do so. Hmmm... the nearest branch happens to be in another district and current MCO, which would supposedly end on 4/3/2021, restricts inter-district travelling. So how am I supposed to get a replacement debit card to register my online banking? Such inconvenience when it wasn't even my fault, UOB!!! They definitely should relooked at their current process as it is way passé.

Enough of that rant, just needed to let off steam and that negative energy!

Lastly, I am beginning to feel complacent and comfortable WFH. I do have a structured working day schedule which I adhere to as below:
8am wakes up
9am starts work
1pm lunch break
2pm continue working
6pm stops working and shower
7pm dinner time
12am sleep

In between, I do snack with coffee and tea breaks. As you can see, no exercise at all LOL! FYI, I do walk a lot during my commute to and from work. Btw, I do read or craft or watched TV after dinner. The only time I get some exercise is during weekends when I do gardening or house-chores. I know it is within my grasps to slot in exercise but my mindset is just not ready and yet my tummy circumference is increasing LOL! Power walk around my neighbourhood is not suitable as I can't breath through with the face mask on. Yoga or planking at home but the weather is just so hot! If I exercise after dinner then I have to take a late shower with my long hair taking aeons to dry! I know, I know... excuses, excuses! I have to brainwash myself to get my butt moving! 

Thank you for reading my long rant, I do appreciate if you have any advice for me. Hope you have a fruitful day ahead! Kung Hei Fatt Choy!!!

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