Friday, 29 January 2021

Book Spin Bingo

As I do have a lot of books piling high up without much time to read as many, I enjoy doing book challenges as a way to help clear my pile. This way, I have something to look forward to and felt more motivated to read. I managed to complete TBNT Book Challenge for last year except for their bonus round. I hoped to complete it fully this year.

I have also recently discovered another book challenge on Litsy! In case you didn't know, Litsy is an app for bookish reviews. It's a mix between Goodreads and Instagram where you can just posts reviews, blurbs or quotes about books you have read. It's a simple and easy to use app.

Anyway, I was introduced to this book spin bingo which was created by The Aroma of Books and I quite liked the concept since I can never decide what to read next. I have changed it a little to suit me since I can never decide which books I should list down to read either LOL! So here is what I have done:

- Instead of listing books in the bingo boxes, I've placed alphabets instead

- After getting the book spin numbers, I'll look for the alphabets and searched for first name of authors that I have. For example, January's numbers were 20 and 4 where alphabets T and D are! I do have quite a few books so I have dwindle it down by choosing the one that suits January's TBNT Book Challenge theme.

- So that's how I have ended up with Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie!

If you are interested to do a Book Spin Bingo, do check out The Aroma of Books on Litsy or search for the below hashtags:


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