Tuesday, 8 December 2020


 Fukubukuro (福袋, [ɸɯkɯbɯkɯɾo] “lucky bag”) is a Japanese New Year custom in which merchants make grab bags filled with unknown random contents and sell them for a substantial discount, usually 50% or more off the list price of the items contained within. The low prices are usually done to attract customers to shop at that store during the new year. The term is formed from Japanesefuku (福, meaning “good fortune” or “luck”) and fukuro (袋, meaning “bag”). The change of fukuro to bukuro is the phenomenon known as rendaku. The fuku comes from the Japanese saying that “there is fortune in leftovers” (残り物には福がある). Popular stores’ fukubukuro usually are snapped up quickly by eager customers, with some stores having long lines snake around city blocks hours before the store opens on New Year’s Day.

The above snippet was taken from Wikipedia.

So CMCO has been extended, yet again, to 20/12/2020. I just hoped that is the last extension and we can finally live our lives again albeit in a new normal lah. I'm sure face masks and hand sanitisers would be the must haves in our bags for a long time coming. I also can't wait to go to the office as working from home is becoming more of a burden and very stressful to me.

Anyway, you must be curious of my blog title and snippet :-) If you have seen Nyc Nat Nook, my blogshop's Instagram then you would know what this is about! For those who didn't know, since the season of gifting is just around the corner, I have decided to come up with some Lucky Bags for sale! It was supposed to be a mystery bag revolving around a theme but I've decided to partially reveal what is in the bag and have a few themes to suit the various palates. Not forgetting, it would be wrapped nicely for the occasion and will be priced affordably. 

Definitely economical and great as a Christmas gift, stay tune for more details via Instagram so please follow if you have not done so :-)


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