Tuesday, 10 November 2020

CMCO again: day 28

It has been extended yet again, this time for a month. Sad but true. With the numbers staying at 3 to 4 digits, continuing this partial lockdown is the only sane choice. There are ignorant people who just couldn't stay at home and yet there are people who has no choice but to leave house for work. I'm just too speechless to say more or comment more... it's been nearly a year we have been battling this unseen virus but humans will always be humans. They don't seemed to get it, that they are not invincible and the virus does not choose their victims.

All I can say is that I also do value my freedom but I also cherish my life and my family's lives. So if you can work from home, please stay put at home and order whatever you need online. There are many varieties available online now so you are never short of supplies. I know there are some who supported local hotels by frequenting their 'work from hotel's cafe instead of home' offer. It is good of you to support the local market or tourism but now is not the time. This is for the greater good of humanity and hopefully we are able to either kill this virus permanently or have an antidote for it sooner than expected. You can still support the local tourism after all this has blown over. Please think before you act. 

Thank you and may God bless you.

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