Friday, 16 October 2020

[Sew] Fabric face masks

After testing out 2 face mask's templates with feedback received from my family, I have finally gotten my own design right and I am very happy with the outcome. As we preferred the full face mask type ala surgical ones, I've sewn this design with relish and the outcome is positively good! I am glad that it turned out fine and hope to sew more for the family and maybe for sale too :-)

It's 2 ply with an insert for filter. What I have used and where I have bought:

  • Cotton fabric - I have bought cotton fabric from various shops such as Fabric Fanatics, Maker's Habitat and Spotlight
  • Elastic bands - I have bought it from Fabric Fanatics and Maker's Habitat
  • Stoppers for elastic bands - I have bought this from Fabric Fanatics
  • Filter used is medium-weight interfacing - I have bought this from Maker's Habitat

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