Friday, 2 October 2020

[MPOV] Allertoin Cream for Kids - 1 month later

I have been blessed to be given this opportunity to try out this awesome cream which has worked wonders for my eczema-flared skin. As the affected area is around my waist, I am overcome with shyness to share my skin diary. As such, the outcome of the photos provided may look indifferent and the result not as positively clear (as seen on my Instagram). However, I am able to share my experience and positive feedback in writing.

It's been a month since I've started using Allertoin Cream for Kids to treat my eczema and the result has been promising so far. The affected area around my waist did flare up occasionally and more so recently due to a freak accident (hence more stress LOL) but overall, it was controllable and not as itchy. So far, my skin has not been broken and the eczema did not spread further with less temptation or inclination to scratch. I do apply the cream each time on the affected area in circular motion to ensure it has been evenly absorbed after I have taken my shower i.e. twice a day at least. If it does flare up suddenly, I'll just apply it and the itchy burning sensation will slowly ease off. The light textured, non-oily cream is truly a wonder plus it's fragrance free so making it a blessing to use.

I did noticed that some of the scars seemed less visible, as though it's fading out slowly. I do so hoped that it is true and eventually I would have a scar-free waist! Bikini, here I come LOL!!! With ingredients like olive oil, Ectoin, and vegetable oil to name a few, it sure is safe to use always since it does not contain steroid. Yes, it is steroid-free!!! All mild yet effective ingredients to combat eczema and the likes especially for sensitive skin.

I have provided an initial feedback earlier, a week after use, in this link below:

If you are interested, this product is available at all leading pharmacies selling at RRP RM80.

You can check out their Facebook page for more info:

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