Wednesday, 28 October 2020

CMCO again - day 15

So it has been extended again for another 2 weeks until 9/11/2020. It is something to be expected since the numbers are still high, not coming down to 2 digits as yet. However I was praying hard that we get to go to the office due to many unfavourable situations here. Oh well, looks like I still have to work from home until then... sigh! 

I know I should be thankful to still have a job and I'm still able to work from home instead of travelling in the public transport to work. With this pandemic, there are so many heartaches that it is truly testing our sanity and well-being. We have to be mentally strong to face the unforeseen circumstances and also the expectations of the bosses. Working from home meaning the bosses won't know what we are doing i.e. working fully or playing around the house etc. We didn't asked for this so to be micro-managed is a little foreboding but have to be endured lah... no choice. 

I'm just trying to reason with self to stay positive. Just ranting to let it out from my chest, so to speak. I know there are many people losing their jobs so such minuscule should not hinder my positive mind. *fingers crossed*

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