Thursday, 13 August 2020

The New Normal

In this new normal, face masks and hand sanitizers are essential items to have around, just like carrying our wallets and mobile phones never to leave home without it. However, frequent use of face masks and hand sanitizers do have impact to the environment and also side effect to our health.

Currently we can see many discarded face masks everywhere but the dustbin. As it is already not recycle friendly, it also pose as environment and health hazard. Hence this is why I prefer to use fabric face masks as it is more environmental friendly since it is washable. As it has not been proven by WHO the effectiveness of fabric face masks, there are still debates on whether a 2 ply or a 3 ply fabric face mask is effective in filtering COVID-19. As what the health minister says, wearing a fabric face mask helps to prevent and filter better than not wearing any at all. 

So I have sewn some fabric face masks for the family. Initially sewn 2 ply ones using pattern template from Crafts Passion as below:

Somehow it wasn't as comfortable and found another pattern from Maker's Habitat which happens to be 3 ply as below:

Wearing a fabric face mask sure feels like a fashion statement now LOL! We can mix and match with our clothes though I don't do that lah as it's a waste of good cotton fabric. However it does feel good saving the environment :-)

If I could, I would prioritize washing my hands instead of using hand sanitizers due to it's alcohol content. I have eczema so it does 'hurt' my skin a lot! As such I do lopped on lots of lotion before I go to sleep in order to moisturize my poor skin LOL! Anyway, as hand sanitizer is part of the new normal plus we have to use it especially during our commute or travelling where there are no access to toilets, I would think it is more cost effective to buy it in a big bottle and pour it into small containers with pump which is definitely more feasible and worthy lah. It can lasts for months and can be kept in a cool dry room. 

If you are interested, you can check out my Nook for more details:

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