Wednesday, 1 July 2020

RMCO: Back to office

Finally, my 'work from home' era has ended and I'm back to office this week. It was a harrowing thought at first having to travel to work via public transport but thankfully, it has been a pleasant experience thus far. 

In this 'new normal', scanning of QR code or writing in the log book where ever we go to plus wearing our face mask is becoming the norm. Face mask has in fact evolved as one of our daily essential to bring along! I've decided to sew my own face mask for a more environment friendly use. Thankfully I have some 100% cotton fabrics so sewing a few to test it out. The only problem I encountered now is the elastic band as it's not feasible for long use and it hurts my ear. So I'm looking for other ways to make it less painful to wear :-)

Face mask pattern is from

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