Wednesday, 3 June 2020

To continue or not to continue my domain name

I have just received an email notification that my domain name,, needs to be renewed. It costs $15.16 yearly, which is approximately RM65. I have had this name for a whole 10 years and I am wondering now if I should continue it or terminate it. I used to think that having a domain name sounds cool. Yep, it sounds lame but young innocent me then finds it glamorous to have one LOL! After 10 years with not much monetisation and increasing money exchange, it has me doubting if I should continue it. Also I am thinking of changing the platform. Still sticking to free platform as I do not want to spend extra just for hosting a personal blog. However I am still keen to continue blogging so no thoughts of stopping it as yet.

My blog is not generating as much money or a stable income. As such, paying RM65 yearly is a lot in my books. If it is generating at least RM50 yearly, I wouldn't mind then to renew since it would deemed as self sufficient. However, it is not hence my doubts.

As it's a personal blog, it does not have a niche hence a mixture of lifestyle and reviews. I'm not a KOL nor a famous influencer so spending money on a domain name is more of syiok sendiri LOL! RM65 can be used for many other things aside from a domain name!

When I bought this domain name, I wasn't exposed much to local registrars as such I have signed up with a US company. Looking back, I should have done more homework before signing up as I would have preferred to sign up with a well reputable and yet affordable local company which is aligned with my 'support local' belief. So I did some Googling but there are not many and it is quite costly compared to my current one. Also I've not heard of them so a little insecure pulak!

How now, brown cow? Do you have any recommendations? What is your take on this menial thought?

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