Tuesday, 9 June 2020

RMO: Day 84

Today is the last day of Extended CMCO and tomorrow we will enter the Recovery MCO phase as announced by our PM last Sunday. This RMCO will take effect until 31/8/2020. With all the SOP's which have been enforced, living and working in this new normal may take some time to adjust and also hopefully it will fully curbed the virus from spreading. I do have that phobic fear since we are not able to see nor touch the virus. I do pray and hoped that this virus will be eliminated permanently. It will just stay in our history books, similarly to previous plagues and hoped that the vaccines will be ready soon. Covid-19 has definitely etched the world with much harrowing experience, so much sadness and causing millions of deaths. Lets just hope that from now onwards, we will practice social distancing, constant washing of hands and wearing masks unconditionally to forever rid of this killer virus!

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