Tuesday, 23 June 2020

An update on Nyc Nat Nook

As most of you would have known that Nyc Nat Nook Trading is my part-time online business with hubby. After much thought and consideration due to the current pandemic, we have decided to streamline and downsize to save cost.

Firstly impacted would be the ecommerce platform. We have been paying monthly for the usage of this ecommerce at easy.co but it is not giving us much in return. Maybe because we have signed up for the cheapest package plus we do encouraged more traffic through our social medias. In fact, we have received all of our orders via WhatsApp and social medias. We have been using this ecommerce as a catalog for viewing only hence it is the easiest decision to axe it and transfer it to a free website. So having said that, with effect from July 1st, 2020, we will move https://nycnatnook.easy.co to https://nycnatnook.wordpress.com

Secondly as the economy is dwindling on a downward trend, we are sure most consumers would be extra vigilant in their spending. We are well aware that our products are on a 'WANT' and not 'NEED' basis as such participating in bazaars and pop-up markets would be on hold until next year. Not forgetting it's the era of The New Normal now thus it's better to reduce meeting people in a crowded place. So it makes more sense that we concentrate more online via social medias such as Facebook and Instagram. All free of course. 

Last but not least, we will revamp our products and pricing to ensure a more affordable and useful choice for all walks of life. It is not an easy choice especially since the cost itself is not cheap but keeping redundant stocks is also pointless. We might as well sell it at a lower price with higher quantity rather than selling it at a higher price with lower quantity. We must try to sell as many to recover our capital and hopefully all will be well by end of the year. 

I am looking forward to a more fruitful 2021 and hoping the wave of this COVID-19 pandemic will end by 3Q 2020. I know there are many small businesses badly impacted by this and some have have even folded. I am thankful that my liability is small and I still have a full-time job so hoping to be able to sustain it slowly but surely. Small baby steps..........

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