Thursday, 21 May 2020

RMO: day 65 CMCO: day 18

Another hot and busy day, I have finally reached a point where I have nothing to write about. My mind is blank except for some thankful and grateful thoughts, triggered by a dear friend's thoughtfulness when she messaged me. I am so thankful to have her as my friend. Aside from the faint pain ebbing from my chipped molar tooth, I am also thankful for having a salaried job, grateful for a roof over my head, thankful for food on the table and grateful that my family is with me during this pandemic time. 

So this will be the last of my RMO/MCO/CMCO post, mostly because my routine is the same almost everyday and I will only post when I do have an irregular day. During this CMCO, I have only been out of the house 3 times thus far i.e. twice visiting my family doctor and once for playing Pokemon Go with my family LOL! Nothing much to write about my dull life except for my melancholy thoughts and wandering mind which I find it quite boring too so better to stop than to bore all of you out there LOL!

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