Wednesday, 20 May 2020

RMO: day 64 CMCO: day 17

The weather this morning was gloomy and raining hence triggered my melancholy mood. Then I realised my chipped molar has started to ache :-( Gosh, I never liked going to a dentist! You could have read my previous post of my sad history with dentists. Found it, you can read it here:

Well, have to tahan first lah while I try to calm down my phobic self. I thought I was over the fear but no, it returned instantly! Looks like I'll have to do some crafting in the evening after finishing work these few days. Yes, crafting has a calming effect for me. Anyway, I've been resting my arms and shoulder as it's been aching due to my laptop's position - laptop high and hanging so can't rest my arms while typing. So have to probably opt for cross-stitch which can be done lower or resting on a pillow. A self-reminding mantra: stay calm, cool, collected and no fear.

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